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IT Company is a leading IT Solutions & Services
provider with global reach. We offer innovative
software solutions & support customized to
our clients requirements.

About: IT Company

In this era of globalization, customers prefer to work with suppliers that have both a local presence and a global reach. The worldwide network of IT Company provides complete IT solution, including and not limited to providing services of website maintenance, site surveys, network monitoring and merchant's account to our clients. Staying abreast with the latest technology and trends is an essential part of our business value to you.

We optimize IT operations, enable innovation, and deliver business value with a Network of IT Company Sites. We offer a wide range of services from domain registration to website hosting, design services to mobile app development, Email Hosting, SSL Certificate and marketing services all at one stop shop.


We create great user experience for startups and established brands. We always measure our designs by both visual appeal and their real-world performance.
Take a look at our recent projects..!
They include branding and logo design, marketing campaigns and concept advertising, web design and much more for B2B & B2C clients. We hope this gives you a flavor of what we can do for you.

SMS Sites project

Experience the excitement of sending SMS, Email to SMS like you have never sent before!
We have currently four SMS websites Webasia, Websms, QSMS and Abtxt. We move fast, working in short instinctive sprints, validating our decisions along the way.

Hastie Projects

We have made a large variety of applications and websites which are included …. for Hastie. We have outstanding and exclusive team deals with android apps and website designs. We want to make a difference – create things that change people lives!

Deepslice Web & App project

We are a team of designers and developers and always help brands with big ideas. We have recently completed Deepslice web and App project in a fantastic way. We have made great progress in getting this project off the ground.


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